Fixed Tilt

The ground bracket system is featured with flexible assembly, convenience and easy construction. The bracket system has been widely favored by clients at home and abroad since it was introduced to the market. The ground bracket II-A system is a solar power bracket system developed to solve the problem of uneven terrain outdoors, where it is impossible or inconvenient to make a foundation.

Main Advantages

1. Easy installation
This bracket system has unique support structure, aluminum alloy track and Z-shaped clamping pieces with characteristics of CLENERGY. Bracket pre-installation before delivery allows you to complete the system installation with less labor and time.
2.Flexible combination
The brackets can be flexibly arranged, coupled with CLENERGY's retractable track, to greatly reduce your calculating and planning work on the project.
3.High compatibility
The ground brackets can accommodate PV modules manufactured by different providers, and are suitable for most existing framed solar panel installations.
4.High adaptability
They can be used in different environments. The high-strength section bars enable them to be used in bad weather. The system with special surface treatment can be installed in different environments.
5.Flexible assembly
CLENERGY’s SolarTerraceII-A® ground bracket system can be flexibly adjusted. For example, we can flexibly adjust the level of the main column, uprightness and column misalignment during installation, etc. The bracket system has construction error correction function.