Tiled Roof

Our products are suitable for the installation on various household roofs and are made of magnesium aluminum zinc coated materials with innovative guide rail cross-sections and clamping pieces, which are easy to installation, reliable in strength and highly cost effective.



Product Advantages



1.Our products use innovative M-section purlins and independently designed fixture blocks, and the installation positions of component pressing blocks and purlins can be adjusted infinitely. Meanwhile the longitudinal beams, columns and diagonal braces are connected back-to-back by C-section steel, which reduces the use of joints and makes the installation more convenient and effectively reduces the installation time.

2.The innovative M-sections, used in combination with C-sections, have higher strength compared to U-sections of the same material, which can lower the material costs of bracket solutions. The installation time is shortened to save system installation costs, further helping users to reduce cost and increase efficiency.

3.Our products have reliable strength, and are made of superior high-strength and corrosion-resistance magnesium aluminum zinc coated materials, to ensure that the bracket itself is not easy to deformation nor damage.

4.Our products can be quickly designed. They are applicable not only for household flat roofs, but also for pitched roofs of all angles. Our product plan offers a variety of optional accessories, which can be used flexibly according to your project requirements.

5.You only need to open the design tool through the web page to quickly output the quotation information such as design plan, bill of materials and strength calculations, thus greatly improving the design efficiency.