Appeared at the Tokyo Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition, a wonderful performance of innovative photovoltaic installation feast

The 2023 Tokyo Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition (PV EXPO TOKYO 2023) has officially come to an end. Facing the Japanese photovoltaic market under new opportunities, Qingyuan Technology grandly exhibited the PV-ezRACK flagship product and jeri portable power supply at this exhibition. Innovative design and easy installation quickly attracted many visitors.

Having been deeply involved in the Japanese market for more than ten years, Qingyuan Technology has been recognized by Japanese customers for its innovative products, reliable quality and professional services. In order to cater to the strategy of "installing photovoltaic systems on public buildings" actively deployed by the Japanese authorities, Qingyuan Technology exhibited a series of photovoltaic installation solutions suitable for Japanese roofs—SolarRoof MacX and Ascent photovoltaic installation solutions. The snap-on design, rail-type stepless adjustment, and high flexibility have notable advantages, which once again refresh the efficiency of photovoltaic installation.

At the same time, for ground photovoltaic system installation solutions, the exhibited ezShade photovoltaic carport system and SolarTerrace Mac ground photovoltaic installation system are also very popular. ezShade photovoltaic carport is a high-efficiency photovoltaic carport system suitable for large and small industrial, commercial and residential projects. It can not only protect vehicles from wind, frost, rain and snow, but also provide clean energy and reduce the cost of public facilities. High-quality aluminum components and stainless steel fasteners not only ensure the robustness and reliability of the system, but also take into account the simplicity and beauty of the system.

We have gained a lot from the three-day exhibition, and we would like to thank every customer and partner for their support. In the future, Qingyuan Technology will continue to deepen the Japanese market through the combination of "internationalized market + localized service + global supply chain", continue to innovate, stick to quality, improve service, and help global partners achieve carbon neutrality.

Promote the development and utilization of wind energy and solar energy in rural areas


Recently, Qingyuan Science and Technology has reported frequent successes. Following the 77MW ground tracking project in Kampong Chhnang Province, Cambodia, Qingyuan Technology once again won the 113MW ground tracking project in Myanmar. This project is the largest tracking photovoltaic power station in Myanmar so far. After it is completed and connected to the grid, it will greatly improve the current situation of power shortage in the local area and in Myanmar, and play an important role in promoting the local economic development.

Growth rate of solar and wind energy


Recently, the ground photovoltaic power station project of Qingyuan Technology has blossomed everywhere. Following the landing of two large ground power stations in Cambodia and Myanmar, the 200MW ground photovoltaic power station project in Bingpo, Xinping County, Yuxi, Yunnan Province officially started construction. The project is located near Mosha Town, Xinping Yi and Dai Autonomous County, Yuxi City, Yunnan Province, with a planned installed capacity of 200MW and an area of ​​about 3,000 mu.

2022 China Wind and Solar Resources Yearly Bulletin


On April 4th, at a press conference held by the China Meteorological Administration, the "2022 China Wind and Solar Energy Resources Annual Bulletin" (hereinafter referred to as the "Buzzard") was officially released. The Bulletin was compiled by the Wind and Solar Energy Center of the China Meteorological Administration, which comprehensively analyzed the national wind and solar energy resources in 2022 and the changes relative to the average resources in the past 10 and 30 years.